Fueled By Passion

Rise Above – Lifestyle Wellness is a global mission, a mission to give hope, love, a voice and a future to those in recovery. It started as a giveback in 2018, partnering with Minnesota restaurants through GoFit Dining LLC, to promote better-for-you eating out options and donate funds to local recovery programs. The inspiration behind GoFit Dining LLC’s giveback is that of family, the love for family and faith that a future and recovery are possible.

Throughout 2018 we had the wonderful opportunity to connect with community members from all industries and walks of life. It became evident that no one is exempt from the touch of addiction on their life, we’re all affected in some way, shape or form and the magnitude of the addiction epidemic became real. The fire inside that started out as a desire to give back was quickly ignited, turning into a full-blown mission to impact the recovery community worldwide. 

Having been the inspiration for the emergence of the Rise Above – Lifestyle Wellness non-profit, GoFit Dining LLC has been retained under Rise Above – Lifestyle Wellness and continues to inspire community and wellness based initiatives to include our signature “Dine + Donate” days. 

Equipped with the understanding that the mission to support the recovery community is much greater than ourselves, we transitioned our focus to become a 501(c)3 non-profit. Rise Above – Lifestyle Wellness was established with the desire to help others rise above, to rise above addiction to drugs and alcohol, the addiction that so easily entraps the lives of loved ones and holds captive the hearts of friends. We support the recovery community, giving hope and sharing the love with those who have seemingly lost all hope. We’ve been in those shoes, we’ve walked that path with family and it is our mission to shine a light in the darkness. Rise Above – Lifestyle Wellness not only provides scholarships to support access to sober housing, we encompass all areas of wellness into a lifestyle approach to help others rise above.

“We remain grounded with the support of others. We find purpose and meaning in life when we are part of a community. We rise by lifting others up. We rise above + conquer when we persevere, strive to understand not judge and love not hate. We seek balance in life, but balance requires strengthening. We find strength from our faith, from our family and from within.”